Sunday, August 16, 2009


So, let keep things a little lighter. Tattoos always seems weird to me.

They were never that popular in Hong Kong. And if anything, my parents, friends, schools, and even TV/Hong Kong movie always taught us that tattoos are bad and usually only worn by bad people or gangsters. Not only are tattoos very common in America, they have some cool connotations too. Tell me if I am wrong, but a lot of people thinks that tattoos can potentially make you tougher, or sexier (which I think personally, some of them when placed at the right places, really can have these effects). HAHA.

However, what gets me is the Chinese/Japanese character tattoos. How would you like to put words you don't understand on your skin that is pretty permanent? Hmmm. I have seen some funny ones (e.g., "strong" turning out to be "getting schooled"), and others that I probably shouldn't repeat here on the blog. Here is just an example.

What if your intention was to put a tattoo about you first boy?! And what you get was "sex". Hmm. So peeps, what's so fascinating about Chinese/Japanese charaters on your arms, or back, or other secret places!!


  1. LOL! That's hilarious. I wish I could read the characters to know what people were really labeling on themselves. I've never seen the allure of tattoos. My cousin is an artist and literally covered in them. Not my favorite look. I'm afraid I can't help explain the fascination.

  2. When I stack three blocks on top of one another, I create a tower that my grandchildren find it irrestible. Even a one year old can knock it down and thus change the world. Humans want to have impact. We see a big rock and love to roll it down a hill. We invent millions of awards to prove to ourselves that we have impact. Tatoos are a way of having impact. Like any graffiti, it changes something and provides a sense of accomplishment to some folks. That's the allure; to have impact, be unique and prove self worth. Like all graffiti, it strikes the rest of us as a mess and that something has been ruined.

    And THAT, is my opinion1

  3. Hmm...As someone who loves to scribble, I suppose I could see the allure of a tattoo. At the same time, I've NEVER been able to come up with an image that I knew I wouldn't regret when I was 80 years old. ;-)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I knew it was close but the printing on my calendar is so small I can't read it! HA

    Edmonds G'pa