Friday, October 9, 2009

President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Alright, let me be clear (up front), I am not a Obama hater. Actually, I try my best to use my roots (as a Hong-Kong-born-American) to stay as neutral as possible.

However, I do not understand at all why President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. Can some one tell me what he's done to deserve this prize? I would not say that he has done nothing because I can say that he IS trying to smooth over the relationships with other countries in the world. He IS trying to bring more unity to the world and lessen the harsh feelings that some countries might have towards the US. However, I don't think it is Nobel Peace Prize worthy. He was, in fact, nominated for the prize after being in office 12 days. Did I miss something? Please tell me if he did something amazing that missed in January of 2009.

Is the committee for Nobel Prize giving him this prize for the promises that he made? That would be a real stretch. Who remembers the last politician that kept all of his/her promises. My dad always says that there are 3 types of people you should never blindly trusts: (1) Media, (2) Lawyers, and (3) Politicians. (Maybe I should car salesmen also - but everyone should know that one already). Or is the committee giving him the prize based on his powerful position? Either way, I don't agree with the face that he received such an honor (as he has not devoted his life to world peace, which I think some other nominees are more deserving).

Alright, so, what do you think? can you help me out this time?
Picture of President Obama is from Yahoo!