Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's been a while!!

Well, the title has a little dual purpose: (1) It has been a while since I last posted, and (2) the topic is about proposition 8 and that was an political issue a while back. You might ask, why would I want to talk about something that happened so long ago? It's because it recently came up again in the news, in my firend's blogs, or just been on my mind.

I don't live in California. So, I was not and am not in the middle of it. What I don't understand is why members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were treated so badly (almost hated - hate is a strong word in my family) by people that profess equal rights!! For example, my cousin lives in the Bay Area, and she had put a couple of "Vote NO on Proposition 8" signs on her front lawn. A car drove quickly by, pulling off the signs from her lawn. And as they drove away, screaming and yelling obscene phases and demeaning words. I have nothing against homosexual people. They are quite friendly and most of the time fun people (I lived in the Bay area for 2 years). I understand that they were discriminated and still is (recent news can prove that - those crimes break my heart - that could be another blog post - I don't understand how anyone could hate someone they do not know anything about).

Anyways, back to the main topic here, all I am saying is that everyone has the freedom of choice. You and I can choose the kind of lives we want to lead and what to believe in. Some can choose to be pro-proposition 8, others have the same right to choose to go against it. Therefore, I think that there should be no hate crimes against ones group or the other.

Further, the issue was voted and the results came in. So, let's leave it at that until the majority's views have shown changes. I don't think it is fair or is useful to try to vote on the issue again and again until certain people get the result they wanted. Even in tennis, you only get 2 serves before losing the point.

I don't mind voting on it again in a few years. But right now? again? seem to be a waste of state government's money (by they way (1) California is running out of, and (2) are tax payers hard earned money - I don't think either the federal or the state governments understand point (2) clearly yet). So, to close - in this country, we all have the freedom to choose. Let's not put our emotions into hating one group or the other. That energy can do so much good (and really, our country can use some good right now), why waste it on hate other people.